Call for Zines and Books

Local artist Cristina Vidal is organizing an alternative library at WonderRoot. Here is the info:

Books, now more than ever, play an important role in our society to serve as the fundamental capsule for knowledge. Many artists have been creating zines, books, and other types of publications to inform each other of alternative ideas apart from mainstream media. I think an Alternative Library is important for our city so that we can collect these honest publications and have a source of knowledge outside of the evening news. In the next few weeks, I hope to collect donated materials for our reading room. I want the visitors to Wonderroot to feel inspired by our reliquary and have somewhere to look for source material. I hope that after seeing all of the hand-made, hand-published, and revolutionary things we can offer, people get inspired to make their own!
After weeks of collection and organization I hope we can have a huge get together to start this thing off right! All donations can be mailed to me or if you are local we can arrange pick up/drop off. Please contact Cristina at: cristina-vidal@hotmail.com.
Thank you! Vive ex libirs!
Cristina Vidal

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