Goodbye 2008: Another "Best Of"

Here is a list of my favorite artistic accomplishments of 2008 with little order or explanation. And as you know, here at ThoughtMarker we always stick to local goods.

"Majestic Hours" by Joe Tsambiras and Sam Parker at Beep Beep Gallery, Wonderroot, "Weight" by Dosa Kim at Aurora Coffee L5P, "Murmurmur" by We Versus the Shark on Quote Unquote Records, "Neon Apocalypse" by Plastic Aztecs at Eyedrum, Judi Chicago live at Beep Beep Gallery, Era of the Stereograph live via Kirkwood Ballers Club at The Highland Inn Ballroom, "Beautiful Losers" screening at The Plaza Theater, Deerhunter at Vacation Boutique, Apparatus ATL, Noot d' Noot flyers by Squanto, Darkmeat, Record Store Day at Criminal Records, "99 Drawings" by Joe Tsambiras at Aurora Coffee L5P, "Comfort Kills Pursuit" by MICHI at Eyedrum, Cinemechanica's "Rivals" on Hello Sir Records, Burnaway.org, paintings by Steven Dixey, Youngblood Gallery's new location, house shows by The Harold Group,"The Big Haunt" from The Antiphon by Pegasuses XL on Earnest Jennings Records, HENSE and SHIE at the Highland Inn Ballroom, "Pray for ATLtis" by R. Land, Digital Arts Entertainment Lab, Epidemik Coalition's "Set it off" interviews,and Jason Travis' "Persona" diptychs at MINT Gallery

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rachael said...

excellent list. you forgot "mike germon's north american winter tour." peace to the harold group, indeed!