(Disabled But Able to Rock) Another busy week...

full of benefits, fundraisers, group shows, and events. Not to mention all of the great shows that are already up around town that you may have missed (at Beep Beep Gallery, Youngblood Gallery, WonderRoot, Alcove Gallery, East Atlanta Tattoo, and so on).

First up is Wednesday, December 10th at the Five Spot. "Disabled But Able to Rock"

Come support Danger Woman in a fund-raising event for her very own documentary, "Disabled but able to Rock," produced by Blake Myers, the story of Atlanta's own real life singing super hero, Danger Woman. Performing tonight will be Danger Woman and the Danger Force Band. Sass Parilla, the Singing Gorilla, will be the MC of the evening and the reverend Suzie the Floozie will also give a sermon preaching the goodness of Danger Woman. All of this and a few short clips from the documentary are bound to put your life on the edge.

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