Cinemechanica at Lenny's Bar

Its been far too long since one of my favorite bands out of Athens has played in Atlanta. When I listen to Cinemechanica's first album, The Martial Arts (Hello Sir Records), I almost forget that there are actual people playing these guitars. The notes come at you so fast that it doesn't seem possible, and I'm not even going to begin with the drumming. No matter how many times I see them live, I still get blown away by all of the energy and precision packed into their prog-punk-math-guitar-shouting brilliance. I will be the first person at Lenny's on Thursday waiting to get my face melted.

Lenny's Bar - March 1st - 9PM - $5
Untied States
Black Daniels

Here is thier video for "I'm tired of Paul McCartney", directed by a friend of mine, Josh Borger.

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