Yesterday's Shows

TindleMichi at Foundation One - Exactly what I expected but without the surprises.

Ansley West at Art House Co-op - Black and white versions of photos I'd already seen. (Ansley, if you read this, the color versions that I saw at your UGA exit show where the best in the show, largely due to the more ambiguous titles and vivid colors. Overall this new show was a step backwords for that series. I'd love to talk to you about them, did people not GET the theme?) These were good, but not as good as they once were.

Sam Parker and Keet D'arms at Yo Yo Boutique - A cool collage piece, and then 20 more that looked just like it.

MSG Crew at Village Pizza (cabbage town) - This is a show that I forgot about because the flyer was sort of lame and I didn't know who the MSG Crew was. Turns out I should've known, this stuff was really good. Basically, a bunch of seasoned graffiti artists made restaurant sized work on canvas or various found surfaces. It varies a bit, but generally pretty creative. It sucks that I hit up 3 gallery openings in one night, only to find the most inspiring work is hanging in a pizza place.

The Futurists at the Masquerade - Thanks to Friday's house party/ticket selling scheme featuring Passerby, The Pendletons, and Kill Gorden, I already had tickets to this show so I checked it out. I missed the first couple of bands due to my art show rounds: Morningstate and The Sammies, both solid rock bands that I've seen before. Then The Futurists. Let's just say that The Futurists kick ass. I didn't really know what to expect, I'd done no research of any kind. I had only heard in passing that they were good. They came out and destroyed with loud, epic rock music reminiscent of Muse beating up Radiohead. Or maybe they were making out. Either way, this band was the highlight of my evening.

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