Beep Beep: Last Saturday and Next Saturday

How sick is this poster?

Last Saturday, Beep Beep Gallery put on thier first of hopefully many concerts. Despite the modest size of the space, they managed to pack in well over 70 folks along with the seven(?) piece Noot d'Noot. When playing live, Noot d'Noot is a jam band playing undercover. They wear a instrumental hip-hop mask and a matching funk wig. And I mean all of that in a good way. You can pick up their cd, Goofer Dust Mixtape, at Criminal Records, Beep Beep Gallery, and probably some other places around Atlanta. This is what they sound like.

Noot d'Noot - Jose Tussin.

This picture of them was taken by Stevie Brown, who happens to have the next show at Beep Beep: Recent Photographs by Steven Brown opens next Saturday at 8pm. Stevie's photography consists mostly of portraits, and most of his portraits range from strange to at least off-beat. Or rather his subjects are off-beat and his portraits can be quite telling.

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