Art Openings This Weekend

Here is a quick rundown of the art shows this weekend. On Friday, March 2, we've got a couple of openings that look promising:

Odds and Ends: a motley collection of paintings by Samuel Parker opens at Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points from 7-10. (You may have seen his stuff recently at Yo Yo, or just before that in Village Pizza. Pretty much anywhere in Cabbagetown.)

"Wrecktangles" Paintings and sculptural installation by Jessica Marshall at New Street Gallery. Opens 7-11. (I think I saw her work recently at Eyedrum. It was cool. I took a picture.)

My pick for the weekend however is at Youngblood Gallery on Saturday, March 3rd. The artists from 13 Roses Tattoo Parlor in East Atlanta are doing a group show. If anybody remembers L'Avenue (the space has now changed hands and become Beep Beep Gallery), the last show there was a solo show by Watson Atkinson, one of the artists from 13 Roses. If this show at Youngblood is one tenth as amazing as his show at L'Avenue, the whole lot of you are gonna be blown away. Opens 7-11.

Also check out the website for 13 Roses. It might be the best website I've ever seen.

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