What the hell happened to Rabbit Hole Gallery?

Seriously, does anybody know what happened? They had awesome shows over there and then nothing since last November.
Wait, after typing that sentence I did some research. New show coming up this month. Still don't know what happened though.
UPDATE: I spoke too soon. The March show has been postponed. I will figure you out Rabbit Hole Gallery.

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Bethany said...

heehee! I've been reading through all of your posts present and past (because I really enjoy them) and found these about the missing gallery. I know Rabbit-Hole was sporadic and it still is. We've kind of made a habbit of taking the summers off due to the heat and sometimes I have to schedule around my own shows. Hopefully we are easier to nail down now with our web-site running as it should. Thanks so much! Bethany- R.H.G.