MINT Flavored Windows!

I already mentioned one art opening that I will be attending this Saturday (March 24th), that being Stevie Brown at Beep Beep Gallery. But I've yet to mention the other show that I will hop to that evening.

MINT is a non-profit organization here in Atlanta aimed at cultivating an artistic community free of judgement and pretension. If I'm correct, their ultimate goal is to encourage creativity through art events, exhibitions and eventually classes. I've gotten to know a handful of those involved and I'm one hundred percent behind everything that they are about. Their first show, which I briefly reviewed back in December, was an amazing surprise that brought together all kinds of characters to make post-cards. This time the canvas of choice is windows. Since MINT is still working on renovating its very own space, this time around the show is being held at DooGallery over in Cabbagetown. The opening will go from 8-11 at which point the "after party" will begin. The $5 cover, which will benifit MINT, also gets you PBR and snacks. Raffle drawings will go on all night with prizes including $500 to Sacred Heart Tattoo. I plan on winning and getting the art from the side of the Centipede arcade game right on my forearm.

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Brett W. Thompson said...

OOoo, looks cool!! I might just be there! :)

BTW, this is an awesome blog, Mike, seriously- I Googled "atlanta mint window" and this came up first! :)