Weekly Street Art: Stop Sign Edition

Usually, the things that people write on stop signs are either obvious or just stupid. Local photographer Bobb Lovett just sent me the this exception.


Burn Away said...

I used to pass this stop sign almost every day. Good times.

eggtooth said...

thats effing great. but its not art. it's subjected to the futility of the undercurrent most masses expect of the intrigue -without which they muster, and, because of a lack of validation or even implied in its subtext,the entire piece,be it a photograph or manipulated found object is, unrecognizable as "art". one could say it IS faster to new york or by train. therefore, its only recourse,as a solid material consideration is to place it in some sort of relevance. in this case,humor.
as far as this stop sign goes in relation to the atlanta art scene and the value within the context of the fuck and the mean grr and then a dirty name,a modern explitive paired with something vulgar,but cultured- is the pop mop po mo poo moo cash cow truism. of a hiss and a furrowed brow and an under the breath rejection based on some idea of importance. galleries do it. does this stop sign and its allusion to a pop icon of the 80's do it? when was mc hammer big? wait..was that early nineties?

mike said...

I read about one and a half sentences of that and decided that it was bullshit. Write that crap on your own blog.

eggtooth said...

A Critical Review oF an Art Blog's comment's comment(from a whimsical post): by Eggtooth
The act of reading and writing. The nature of the blog,within itself as a thing where one reads about one & a half or half of something,straddling thru a space between internets,perceptions of territory and self( and blogs) and those happy little junctures called comment boxes- one then finds themselves repelled,and like or as/is indeed a thing to behold.themselves. within a framework,of course.tasteful and opens..awared when someones is,shall we say,and are "playfully fucking with you"-in reference to a post that itself was also obviously light-hearted and fun.
and so...in this early age of the internet...The text provoked by such an experience is as well an artful experience. in this particular case, the previous selection of words, divided by a period and ending with one, is a humorous oversight of a person not terribly familiar with art. one that praps may need to get over a hump in their own artistic taste shaped suspiciously like themselves.
But aaah, the nature of the web and its openess of discourse is fun,in that it can be provoking to someone to,say for instance, put multiple buttons on their garments or something of the sort,<> is also a bi-product.
"did you see the ants? did ya ..well did ya? did you see them? huh?"
this was funny to me.mike.
it made me laugh. because. mike
it WAS fairly obviously,on purpose.."bullshit".so mike. thanks for yr time. and yr literacy.
i thought the tagging of hammertime on the stop sign was funny. and i sure enjoy yr blog.