Le Flash

Le Flash is some sort of event that has been cooked up in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography and The Castleberry Hill Art Stroll. There is a huge mess of information to wade through about this event. I know this much: it's at Castleberry Hill and it's next to Castleberry Hill in Cleopas Park, there will supposedly be a marching band and fireworks at some point, it goes from 7 to midnight this Friday, October 24th. For any other details, test your luck at leflashoct24.blogspot.com, leflash-atl.com, or acpinfo.org.

Here is where I tell you murky detials about the things I actually know about:

Bean Summer has a show featuring a slew of videos that I guess he is doing for every day of the month. You can check them out at his youtube page here. This has something to do with a show at Get This! Gallery that is part of Le Flash.

Epidemik Coalition is moving its interactive studio project "The Wall" out of their space and into Art House Gallery for the evening. Click here to learn more about how "The Wall" combines "multiple existing technologies to put the power of large-scale public imagery into the hands of the local community."


Beep Beep Gallery said...

More on Le Flash: http://atlanta.creativeloafing.com/gyrobase/le_flash_sheds_light_on_public_art_in_atlanta/Content?oid=589908

ATLanta ARTnews said...

see my performance:
corner of bradberry and haynes
-ALLison REntz, dictator