Steal This Art Show! opens at MINT

Curated by local photography collective Click Clique, "Steal This Art Show" is MINT Gallery's contribution to this year's Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

In February 2008 four famous paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, and Degas were stolen from a Zurich Museum. This huge theft, worth about $163 million, started a dialog that was the inspiration for STEAL THIS ART SHOW.
You are actually invited to attempt to steal the art in this show. Each work is a photographic interpretation of an art piece that has been stolen in the past. In addition, the artists have built anti-theft concepts into the work. So good luck to all you budding art thieves.

Artists include Stephanie Dowda, John Paul Floyd, Justin Weaver, Emilee Heath, Aaron Adams, Erin Bassett, Lee Blalock, and Meghan McNeer.

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