WonderRoot Update

WonderRoot community art center is one of my favorite new places of the year. I'm there right now updating my blog in their computer lab. There is a lot of cool stuff going on here that I'm going to let you in on.

WonderRoot is the proud possessor of what I believe is the only one in Georgia. What is an art-o-mat? Its a refurbished cigarette machine, filled with art work for you to purchase. Find out more at ArtOMat.org or in the comprehensive post by Ben Grad on Burnaway.

They helped organize a mural painting that spans a huge wall from Cabbagetown through Reynoldstown. Here is a video:

Their walls are covered in "The Art of Democracy" until November 1st. Great political prints for $10 each.

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Ben Grad said...

I had no idea those prints were ten bucks. Pretty awesome.