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Right now at Aurora Coffee in Little Five Points the walls are adorned with what I believe is Dosa Kim's most impressive and cohesive show to date, "Weight."  His signature style of black/white illustrations are molded into dynamic compositions of struggle and triumph.  The show is entirely made up of framed and embellished one-off digital prints, complete with embossed certificates explaining the process.  The thought that went into presentation alone, far exceeds the low expectations set by our local underground art traditions. It should be up for a few weeks still and I strongly suggest that you go out of your way to check it out.

"Weight Python" by Dosa Kim

"Weight Python" detail by Dosa Kim

There is good news for those of you who can't afford to drop cash on a big framed piece. Dosa has put together a book of digital sketches from the process that created this show. You'll recognize some of the imagery from "Weight" and some from his ongoing "Apparatus Atlanta" project. Rumor is these books will be available as soon as tonight at Beep Beep Gallery's opening. I have a feeling you'll be able to find it around town pretty soon.

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Jeremy Abernathy said...

Yeah, those pieces look pretty tight. I'll have to stop by Aurora this week.