Good Feelings and Zombies. And Pictures.

Here are a couple of things to check out.

Another non-profit for the good of the art community here in Atlanta has popped up. "The Good Feelings Coalition is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to fostering the exchange of information and ideas between artists and within the community as a whole. We hope to create a stronger, more unified Atlanta through art that actively engages the community." It will really get going later this summer when they release their first publication, a coloring book by 50 local artists, as well as dropping their official website. For more info visit them on myspace.

Pushin' Up Daisies is a feature film about to go into production up in Athens. The website is a brilliant example of creative marketing involving zombie encounters across the country. This is my favorite clip:

Don't forget to visit them at iamnotazombie.com, and feel free to contact them with your own zombie encounter videos.

Also check out Epidemik Coalition's blog for pics from the T-Shirt showcase over at Beep Beep Gallery. Let me know where to find pictures from any of the other shows this past weekend (youngblood and newstreet).

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