Evereman Table Show at Beep Beep

Last weekend Beep Beep Gallery put together one of their more interesting shows to date. With the help of street artist/furniture designer evereman, the gallery hosted an exhibition featuring over 25 local artists. Each artist was given a table designed by Evereman, essentially two square surafaces in which to make their mark. Some tables were displayed in their assembled form, while most were hung traditionally. Nearly every artist who contributed brought something unique to the show. There were a fair amount of collage driven pieces, including tables by Sam Parker, Mike Germon, and the Beep Beep Gallery staff. Sam Parker's table:

There were also plenty of illustrative, if not comic book inspired pieces by such artists as Bryan Westberry, Ben Goldman, and this table by Stenvik Mostrom.

There are scores of mentionable pieces, as you can see most of them in this gallery, but I'll leave you with one more of my favorites. This table by Dr. Blade:

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