Lots oh shit this weekend

There are a ton of excellent art shows this weekend including one at Beep Beep, so here's the lineup:

Kerri Boles @ Aurora L5P Friday April 7th
Kerri's been bustin hump to finish her portraits of country music stars of the past, with each piece being a detailed portrait stiched onto canvas. Anna Fucking Kramer is playing so don't miss it.
(Hope you didn't miss it, because I forgot to send this out yesterday)

Joy Phrasavath @ New Street Gallery Saturday April 8th
Joy is an excellent painter who imploys mute pastels and surreal kitsch imagery in his work. Plus he's got more style than an ODB tribute album. Check it.

Steven Dixey and Jason Murphy @ Youngblood
Dixey may be one of the best artists in town so see his stuff now before he gets a big head, moves to prague, and starts calling himself Stefan. Jason Murphy is an excellent expressive style painter and I'm pretty excited to see how their stuff works together.

T-shirt Show @ Beep Beep
It's a one night show of one of a kind tshirts, limited silk screened prints, and other tight shit by local artists. These shirts are only available tonight so don't miss it yo!

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