Art House Co-op

Underneath and behind Foundation One Studios in East Decatur Station, there is a small, lesser known art space called Art House Co-op. Along with local artists selling crafts and such out of partitioned spaces along the walls, they also host rotating art shows and events. The non-profit MINT will be holding their next opening there on Saturday, April 21st. "April Showers" is a group show revolving around umbrellas. More on that show later this week. Now, while I've never been blown away by any of the shows I've seen at Art House, I am excited about some of their very creative events coming up.

The first is "Craft Wars: Book Arts", a book making battle that sounds strange and exciting to say the least. Twenty artists engage in an hour long struggle to create the best book, while the audience enjoys music, refreshments, and an old fashioned craft melee, just like the ancient romans used to do. The Craft War takes place on Saturday, May 5th. For more information or to enlist for battle, check out their website.

The next event is a mass disposable camera photography show called "A Million Little Pictures." 150 people will receive cameras. Then the rolls, in their unedited entirety, will be displayed in the month long show. I believe that the deadline to sign up for that show is today, but you can still check out more info about the show here. That reception will be on May 25th.

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