A few of my favorite things...

Face melting, rock action from Athens in the form of Cinemechanica playing Friday at the Drunken Unicorn. I don't understand why people don't come out to see them in Atlanta. I don't want to get started but if you see them live you will not be disappointed. Impossibly Impossible.

"Boobs and gore; two great tastes that taste great together." -Quinten Tarentino
He probably was not talking about Blood Car, but go see it anyways. Thursday, April 26th at 10pm or Friday, April 27th at 5:15pm at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema (678.495.1424)

Tickets are available online at www.atlantafilmfestival.com or at the Midtown Art Box Office.

Free Tee Shirt from Epidemik Coalition. See Previous Post.

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