Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2008

While I was unable to defend my title of "Best Art Blog" (I don't know if I should be upset at CL for combining best visual art blog and arts website into one category, thus pitting me against sites I find colossally irrelevant to Atlanta's art blogging community, or somehow satisfied that ThoughtMarker is the only blog to ever win "Best Art Blog") there are plenty of congratulations to go around. WonderRoot picked up "Best Advocate for the Arts". Eyedrum picked up a handful of categories, while the Krog Street Tunnel got "best public art". Others worth my mentioning include R. Land, The Plaza Theater, and Whitespace Gallery. Check out the full list here.


Jimmy Squats said...

Who the fuck is Sara Speert?
Ballot stuffer!

Jimmy Squats said...

Oh yeah and I accidentally left your name off the Myspace posts for the Superhero show, but I added it on our website and it'll be in the email / future posts. My bad.

adam said...


It's Adam from haveyouheard.net

Do you know my friend Ben Grad? He's currently a writer for us and he's looking to start working on an art blog. Didn't know if you had run into him at galleries.