The Hurt Show

This Saturday night at The East Side Lounge. This show should be great art in a sub-par venue, I hope it goes well.


Rabbit said...

went by after the munny show, and there was a cover charge. I was tired, and told the guy I just wanted to check out the art, and he wouldn't budge. cover charge to a venue without live performance = lame. am I alone in thinking this?

Jimmy Squats said...

nope. we got rene to let us in and we couldn't stay in there for more than a few minutes. it was packed, cramped, and dark (he told me earlier the lights were better but were turned down for the club). the art looked cool but I couldn't process it at all because of the atmosphere. i would have been annoyed to pay five bucks.
i think rene's putting together great artists but i wish he would pick another spot.

Bethany said...

I'm sorry it was hard for people to see the show. I know it was difficult parking during the East Atlanta Strut. In Rene's defense though, there wasn't a cover charge and the lights were up during the opening reception hours (7pm - 11pm). After that I'm afraid it got dark and ESL's Sat night cover charge came back into effect. The show will be up for a month so I hope people will still have a chance to see it. Thanks!