Weekly Street Art: Wheat Pastes

Atlanta's street art scene is generally devoid of good wheat paste pieces. Some recent exceptions are these drawings by local printmaker Joe Tsambiras.


Anonymous said...

Nice, where are those?

He should submit them to Wooster:


mike said...

Wooster Collective is well aware of my blog and I can only assume that they are bidding their time before releasing ThoughtMarker to the world. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Hehe... Well, I actually meant that someone should submit those pics to them, since I can't recall seeing anything from Atl popping up over there. ;)

Anyhoo, I feel that I should properly introduce myself now that I've commented over here, since I always wonder where random people come from when they comment on my stuff. My name's Julie, I'm in the BFA photography program at GSU, and I found you by way of.... well, probably another blog. Maybe [probably] Local Ephemera. And I'm the reason you're syndicated over on livejournal... I use it as my feed-reader. If you happen to be at the ACP Portfolio Review Walk come find me and say hi, so I can put a face to the blog.

Ben Grad said...

I think his wheatpaste looks better than pretty much all the spraypainted graffiti in Atlanta.