Sorry about the slow week.

I was very busy this week and really there just wasn't much to post about, plenty next week though. Here are a couple of things to tide you over.

Beautiful Losers is still playing at the Plaza Theater. If you missed the opening, you can still catch it as well as the art that accompanies it in the lobby. It's really great.

Beep Beep Gallery has started blogging about the art world adjacent to their gallery shows and such. Check it out at BeepBeepGallery.blogspot.com.

This appears to have some kinks to work out, but its pretty awesome none the less. Click here to see a map that plots the locations of stories covered on ThoughtMarker thanks to Outside.in/Atlanta_GA


Jimmy Squats said...

You know that Outside.In thing is my online job right? Who's lookin' out?

mike said...

I had no idea. Well done.